Arnauld family

   A family of French Jansenists who brought Jansenism to the Abbey of Port-Royal in Paris. Antoine Arnauld (1560-1619), born in Paris, was a member of that city's parlement, advocate-general, then a state comptroller. He supported the sorbonne against the Jesuits (1594) and restored the Abbey of Port-Royal, with which his family never ceased to be connected. Among his eight children was his eldest son, Robert Arnauld D'Andilly (1589-1674), also born in Paris, who returned to Port-Royal in 1646. He has left his Mémoires, a Journal, and a translation, Vie des Pères des déserts. Jacqueline Marie Angélique Arnauld (religious name Merè Angélique) (1591-1661), the daughter of Antoine, born in Paris, was after 1602 abbess of Port-Royal. She reformed that monastery (1609), founded the institut du Saint-Sacrement with Sébastian zamet, bishop of Langres, and in that she placed Jean Duvergier de Hauranne, the abbé of Saint-Cyran, in charge of the spiritual direction of her nuns (1636), and introduced jansenism to Port-Royal. Jeanne Catherine Agnès Arnauld (religious name Mère Agnès) (1593-1671) was the daughter of Antonine. Born in Paris, she was the abbess of Port-Royal from 1636 to 1642 and from 1658 to 1661. She refused to sign the formulation of 1661 regarding Jansenism and was subsequently confined to the convent of the Visitation (1663-65). antoine arnauld (1612-94), known as "le Grand Arnauld," was born in Paris, the son of Antoine. A theologian under the influence of the abbot of Saint-Cyran, he willingly accepted the most extreme Augustinian theories and became leader of the Jansenist faction. Expelled from the Sor-bonne in 1656, he lived clandestinely for a time, doing research for blaise pascal for the latter's Provenciales, then returned to Port-Royal. upon the renewal of anti-Jansenist restrictions (1679), he went into self-imposed exile in Flanders, then in the Netherlands. His principal writings include De la fréquente Communion (1643), Apologie pour les Saints-Pères (1651), Lettre d'un docteur de Sorbonne à une personne de condition (1655), Second Lettre a un duc et pair (1655), in which he presented his views on the five propositions attributed to Jansenism, Grammaire généralé et raisonnée, or Grammaire de Port-Royal (1660), Logique de Port-Royal (1662), La Perpétuité de la foi (1669, with Nicole), and various other writings against Protestantism. Besides his eminent place in the history of Christianity, le Grand Arnauld is considered a major figure in the study of logic and philosophy of language. According to his theory, which is essentially Cartesian, the syntax of natural languages is the product of a rational and universal analysis by the thinking subject. Angélique Arnauld d'Andilly (religious name, Mère Angélique de Saint-Jean) (1624-84), the daughter of Robert, was born in Paris. She was the prioress, then abbess (1678-84), of Port-Royal des Champs.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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